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SuNdaNce cHAnneL hQ

29 Jan

Yesterday, Courtney and I ventured into the Sundance HQ lounge. Amazing. It’s three floors of awesomeness to be exact.

Open bar!

Met a bartender who melted down his wedding ring to make this gem!

This typewriter was set up to write whatever you want! We wrote RUBYASSATA.COM over and over again.

Hung out with these folks in the boot cleaning lounge. Met Shane from Morgans Village Cobbler who taught us so much about leather protection! We also told all the girls about our feather earrings from Edge of Urge.

martha marcy may MARLENE

28 Jan

Martha Marcy May Marlene, directed by Sean Durkin, is an amazing film about a girl (Elizabeth Olsen) leaving a cult and the struggle of readjusting. Chad and Jonathan worked on it this summer in upstate NY.  The party for the film was held at a mansion on a mountain, and of course our favorite quartet was in attendance.  Here are a couple pictures from party house, and a still from the film!


Please hurry home girls.  We miss you (sadface).


26 Jan

Two North Carolina bands will be continuing their travels along the festival circuit this year and I’m elated.

The Love Language from Raleigh, NC will be appearing at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA this April to cap off their Spring US Tour.  I’m sure this has much to do with their latest album, Libraries, being released on Merge Records just last year.  As soon as I heard their single “Heart to Tell” on Sirius XMU I knew these kids were going places.  I’m really happy The Love Language are getting national recognition.  They’re a super fun band and put on a great live show.

Those of you who live in Wilmington or The Triangle probably know this band well.  But, just in case, here are a couple videos for good measure.


GAYNGS, while technically a Minneapolis band, includes a handful of members from the Raleigh Durham area.  The group is incredibly new, formed in 2010, with their first album, Relayted, released by Jagjaguwar the same year.  In May of 2010 the band played their first show in Minneapolis.  Billed as “The Last Prom on Earth”, the concert featured all 23 members of the band, prom-themed decorations and attire, a balloon drop, and a surprise appearance by audience member Prince.  You can see them this March at SXSW in Austin, TX and at Coachella in April, which, to date, are their only shows announced for 2011.  I’m planning on both.

* Justin Vernon and Mike Noyce (Bon Iver)
* P.O.S (Rhymesayers)
* Dessa (Doomtree)
* Michael Lewis (Andrew Bird)
* Ivan Howard (The Rosebuds)
* Ryan Olson (Building Better Bombs, Digitata)
* Zach Coulter, Adam Hurlburt, and Shön Troth (Solid Gold)
* Joe Westerlund, Brad Cook, and Phil Cook (Megafaun)
* Maggie Morrison (Lookbook, Digitata)
* Jake Luck and Nick Ryan (Leisure Birds)
* Channy Moon-Casselle (Roma di Luna)
* Katy Morley
* Danny Krzykowski

They have an indie 1980s soft rock-inspired  R & B sound, which you can hear below.  Ivan is the lead vocalist in “The Walker,” with whom I’m admittedly and uncreepily obsessed.

HamMer to naiL

25 Jan

The crew has survived a 2nd day in Park City, have been to proportionally more parties than films, and have somehow found the time to send me bits and pieces of updates.  Last night they went to a “Hammer to Nail” party.  Hammer to Nail is this really cool blog all about film.  Michael Tully, Cucalorus alum and director of 2011 Sundance film, Septien, writes for it.  Do yourself a favor and visit the site.  With topics like Netflix Hidden Gems, Sundance (obviously), Cine-Debates, and a Film Calendar, it has just become my favorite blog.  Besides this one of course!  Add it to your Bloglovin list.  I just did.


red carpetz


24 Jan

A sneak preview of all the Sundance Shenanigans.  More to come!!! 


I’d like to give a shout out to my homies Jane and Moxie who helped me with the blog post yesterday while feeding me wine and hors d’œuvres.  Thanks girls.

preTTy peRSes

23 Jan

The girls have landed safely in Park City, have checked into their hotel and are probably partying so hard right now that they forgot to call home.  I should have some spectacular photos of the sights to post tomorrow.

In the meantime, let’s talk about James Perse.  He is one of Alisha’s favorite designers, if not her numero uno.  He makes edgy updated versions of classic styles mostly of cotton, linen and other blends from Italy in neutral colors that are so fucking luxurious that when you put them on, you feel like a million dollars.  And while the fabrics are made in Italy, the entire line is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles which is a huge plus in rubyassataland.  Admittedly, his items are a bit pricey.  But, hey, I’m sure you have a birthday coming up soon, don’t you?  I’ve also just discoverd he has a furniture line!    Check it.

bIRthDaY BOnanZA

22 Jan

Hey guys!  Whitney here.  I’m taking over the blog while the other RUBYASSTA girls are in Park City, Utah for Sundance.  And, just to clear things up, Courtney Bridgers has been doing the blog posts for a while, which is where the “we” comes from.  Not the “royal we.”   So, WE had a birthday dinner for Alisha last night in Wilmington and invited all our favorite girls.  Almost everyone showed up and brought presents, wine, and ingredients to make the most delicious curry.  Sara even made a killer cheesecake.  Here are a few photos from the festivities.

Kaleidoscope necklace from and made by the gorgeous Jessie Yeager.

It was a really magical, perfect night.


NOthing aNd EVerYtHinG

22 Jan

Packing for sundace, ect. . .

or drinking out of measuring cups and not packing . . .

gOOd DAze

20 Jan

Unbelievably good day.

Bought vintage 1970’s fabric from this creepy place.

Todays visit confirmed Raleigh Denim is the coolest place ever. ever.

Came home to a surprise bathroom birthday party.

Vintage fabric package, beautifully wrapped by Catherine!


20 Jan

Heading back to Wilmington today to further prepare for our tiny vacation to Park City, Utah!

A full week of awesome films, epic parties, and places to show off our RUBYASSATA bags.

Not without a few stops along the way.

One of our stops is at Raleigh Denim! Can’t wait to see their new store, The Curatory.