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Important Paper Holder

31 Dec

After racking my  brain for a gift for the boy who has it all, I came up with this. I wrapped a binder in leather and used a cool vintage lining for the inside. That way he has a place to keep all his important papers.


26 Dec

Here are a few random fashion show pictures. See all the pictures here. HUGE thanks to Justin Mitchener for taking all the photos!

I went outside and found those twigs for the model’s hair.

I really wanted a red head because of Holly in Badlands. Isn’t Katie to die for?

Well, all my models were fucking gorgeous.

That blue plaid wallet is now at Edge of Urge and the other one was sold.

Courtney posted this line up for the models and bags. Thank goodness.  I just don’t think of things like that.

Intense looks.

(I look so much shorter than the models.)

Loved that wallet.

Cross clutch!!

This was the first bag I made for the show.

I can’t thank my friends and family enough for their  help and support!

Merry Wonky Christmas!!

25 Dec

I tried to make my mom some mittens from this old sweater for Christmas. They turned out a little weird, but she loves me unconditionally and has to like them because I’m her offspring. It’s the thought that counts anyway, right?

BADLANDS collection on ETSY

21 Dec

Poor neglected b-log. I have soooo many things to post, but I’ll start will all the new bags I just posted on etsy!!!!

Check it out, yo!!!!

(Thanks to my fab model/operations manager)

In Other News

20 Dec

Shea Carver of Encore wrote this sweet article about me and my bags.

Read it here:  The Jewel of Charlotte !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOrking it.

15 Dec

Courtney rocking it out in the studio. THREE DAYS until the show. . .

The Minefield

11 Dec

Exactly one week until the show. Bits and pieces of bags still need to be sewn to their better halves. Now, I just need my better halves to come give me the motivation to sew all these bags.

I just like this picture. Pink nerds in my fabric weight.