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Leave it to RUBYASSATA

30 Nov

This is the start of a new clutch. This lining is totally 1950’s housewife. It’s actually from a large vintage dress. I’m hoping to get a hobo/messenger bag lining out of this dress, too. We shall see. . .

and here is where I cut a square out of that same dress for a school project.

This piece is only 3×3 inches. I took this picture with my cell phone from my hotel window in Paris and then, you know, pasted random books and things on it.


Oh, Happy Heart Day!!!

30 Nov

I received this lil’ handmade Edge of Urge gift from the amazing Jessie Yeager. She knows all about my addiction to hearts. Love, Love, Love!!!

Thanks Jessie!!!!

n e w b a g t o w n

28 Nov

New shopper bag in dark brown leather and navy stripe.

It will be available for purchase at the FLOW holiday fashion show, after that it will be on my Etsy. (I temporarily put my Etsy store on hold until after the fashion show.)

Wouldn’t this be a great summer bag?

Barbie Birthday Movie

27 Nov

Last week my very special friend Jessie had a birthday. Being that I’m in the middle of making a million bags for that little show December 18th. I didn’t have time to make her the backpack I knew she desperately wanted and deserved!  So I made her a stop motion movie about the backpack instead. It’s really silly.

(You can read the captions better if you make it full screen.)

In my defense, this is my first film.




Run With The Pack

24 Nov

I am definitely most excited about this backpack. Small backpacks are the best, just big enough for your MacBook and your moleskine. I still have some kinks to work out but, this is basically how it will look.

Anticipation is Good.

23 Nov

Soooooo I have this accessory show on December 18th.

(Read FLOW Holiday Trunk Show)

I have to make basically a million bags by the 18th. I feel like they should be a surprise. Right?

So, I’m going to give small glimpses of what I’m working on without showing the entire bag.

Above are some of the vintage fabrics and hardware I’m going to incorporate into the bags. Some of which I’ve been holding onto for years.


Tres Cool

19 Nov

This little piece of awesome was made by my friend Jamie in Austin, TX.  Her jewelry, Ax + Apple, is part vintage finds and part shiny chic. Just the way I like all things in my life!

Check her out:

P.S.- Did I mention she was featured in Daily Candy and her line was picked up by Alice + Olivia? She’s kinda a big deal.