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Secret Agent Girl

29 Oct

I haven’t posted anything for a while because I’ve been planing and working on a secret screen printing project for a super awesome film festival. I’ve been documenting the whole process so, I’ll post everything when the coast is clear.


and then back to bags.


25 Oct

I love the lining so much it will be hard to let go.

and this . . .

23 Oct

New flannel money folder for the dudes . . .  or chicks who like rad bi-fold wallets, that’s cool too.

Sew it Like it’s Hot

23 Oct

Half way through new bag. . . I love,  love this print.  I wish everything I own was made out of it.



21 Oct

I’ve been waiting forever to make something out of this vintage floral material.

Tomorrow is the day.

Maybe I’ll have enough left over to make a bifold wallet?

soooo pretttyyy!! (Thanks Gigi)

Mountain Crafts!

19 Oct

Someone just made me this beautiful leaf ring.

New Plaid Wallet ! !

16 Oct

I’m kinda on a bifold wallet kick? Here’s my newest wallet with a vintage plaid lining.

They are so light weight and so functional. I like function.

And they’re on Etsy. . . .

FRANZ kline

15 Oct

I ran across this quote in an old moleskine.  I like the second half better, too.

Wallet on Etsy ! ! !

14 Oct

Just posted new men’s wallet on ETSy!

Money Folder

13 Oct

Just finished, wallets for dudes.