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Gold Zippers and All

29 Sep

Plaid motorcycle wallets FIN !

Flannel is entirely too thick for a wallet lining but, it looks cool!

Paint by Numbers

28 Sep

In between wallets today I painted this 1940’s FORD hubcap red for my dad.

Random, but fun.

Smells Like Grunge Wallets

27 Sep

In progress. . . two black leather wallets with flannel lining.

Green Like Money

26 Sep

I haven’t made a wallet in forever and I have never made a tri-fold.

The zipper un-zips to a pocket.


24 Sep

Just posted DOUBLE AWESOME BAG and LUGGAGE TAGS on Etsy!!!!


23 Sep

It occurred to me late last night that I should make some luggage tags. Heart Shaped luggage tags at that. Here’s what I came up with.

Coming to your Rubyassata Etsy store soon!!

Double Time

21 Sep

Just finished the other black bag. It’s two inches smaller than the first bag and has double straps in the front. Perfect for your favorite literature!


20 Sep

I have this extremely old fur hide. I really want to incorporate it into a bag but, it’s disintegrating. Maybe I can find a way to preserve ┬áit?

To be continued. . .

Happiness is . . .

19 Sep

Vintage scarves.

Heart printed tights.

Amazing friends who give you vintage scarves and heart printed tights.

Black AWESOME bag on Etsy

17 Sep

Just posted my new bag on Etsy. Check it.