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RA in LA

30 Aug

I sold my first bag on etsy!

It’s the thick brown leather bag on it’s way to Shannon in LA. Yay!


Long Day at the Office

27 Aug

Birthday bag. Check.  Here are some unofficial pictures.

I would have finished this bag ages ago if it wasn’t for this whole handle/strap mess.  Things just didn’t work out  the way I had planed on paper (story of my life).  The handles were too long, then too short, then too stiff.  I made it work. But, then, where do I put these straps? This leather is so beautifully soft that it just melts onto the table, but I want it to stand up!

Regardless of the setbacks I think it turned out pretty well. This black leather is to die for. I loved every minute of sewing it!

A . . . L . . . MOST

26 Aug

I really wanted to finish this bag today, but it just didn’t happen. So close. No doubt  it will be done by lunch tomorrow.

Everything seems to be going surprisingly well. I haven’t even cried yet? We shall see what happens when I try to put this all together.

I literally left it in the sewing machine.

So You Say it’s Your Birthday? Well, it’s My Birthday, too!

26 Aug

This bag will be done tomorrow and that’s a promise! Everything is cut out and ready to sew. It’s a birthday present for someone and I’m making the lining out of my 25th birthday dress.

Yep, it’s a vintage dress I re-made to fit me. It never fit quite right but, I adore the fabric. I barely had enough for the lining.

I can’t wait for it to all come together!

Working The Kinks Out

24 Aug

Here is my basically successful paper mock up.

I found the ugliest fabric I could to make the fabric mock up. Although, I like the 90’s-Miami-Golden Girls-feel to the fabric . . .  it’s still hideous.

This is the amazing black leather I purchased today with one of the three billion drawings I have done of this bag.

This design has a long way to go. . .

Brain Freeze

23 Aug

I have been commissioned to make a bag that is “classic, yet funky.” I want to design something completely new. It’s kinda like a bag in a bag? Sometimes I do paper mock-ups to get a better understanding of what I actually want the bag to look like. I have drawn it like three million times. I just can’t seem to fully extract it from my brain! Here’s what I have so far.

(The bag is going to be made of black leather, I just got carried away with the gold marker.)

Sweet Lil’ Thing

23 Aug

I promised a little girl in Missouri that I would make her a tote bag. Her favorite colors, like me, are pink and green and everything girly. I even screen printed my name in it to make it official. I might stitch her name on the front? LLB style.